Application Guidelines


In October 2015, the Grotto Foundation Board voted to move to 3 grant cycles a year. Grant applications will be reviewed in February, (application deadline is November 15) April (application deadline is January 15) and October (application deadline is July 15).

Grotto Foundation Moves to Online Application System

Starting with the Fall 2014 grant cycle, Grotto Foundation has moved from a system of paper applications, to an all-inclusive online system that takes grant applicants from the letter of inquiry through the final report.

We make grants three times per year. Full proposals should be submitted through Grotto’s Online Grant program by January 15, July 15, and November 15. If the date falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline is the next business day. Decisions are made in April, October and February. Approved proposals that cannot be adequately reviewed for the current grant period will be carried forward to the next one.

To make certain you apply in time for the grant deadline, please plan ahead and get started early.

The Application Process

Under the online system, applicants must first register online and then complete a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form. Applicants must click on the button at the bottom of the form that says “Submit LOI” to keep the process moving forward.

If staff approve the applicant’s LOI, we will invite the applicant to complete the online application. If staff do not approve an applicant’s LOI, we will notify the applicant of the outcome, and the applicant will not be invited to submit an application.

To access the application form online, each applicant must log in to the online account and click on the Dashboard menu. The application will be listed there. To begin filling it out, applicants click on the “edit application” link to the right of the application.

The Evaluation Plan

To help grantees measure the success of their programs, we are asking prospective grantees to develop an Organizational Evaluation Plan. Through the plan, grantees will be asked to establish three initial measures for ongoing tracking:

  • Activities —those directly related to the program’s operation
  • Outputs —what the project has produced in tangible goods or how it has helped achieve measurable gains for the target population
  • Outcomes —what grant activities are expected to accomplish

Please download the Evaluation Instructions as well as the Evaluation Matrix examples before you begin filling out the forms.

Click on the links in the list above to download the three evaluation forms. And save a copy of the completed forms so you can update them for the interim and final grant reports.

If you have any questions about the new application process, please contact Cullyn Anderson, Grotto’s Grants and Office Manager, at 651-209-8013 or